Buy Excalibur Mission (The Second Front)

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We will get you the Excalibur tank in "The Second Front" mission series.

If you don't need the whole mission, you can select your missions that you need.

Use single mouse click to select 1 mission, or click and drag the mouse to select multiple elements. You can also use ctrl+click to select or deselect specific missions.

All operations of The Second Front will have strict Tier limits: Tier VI - Tier X!

Special requirements for missions:


Everything can be played except artillery(SPG)
8. For secondary we need USSR artillery(SPG) tier 6 or up


2.   Heavy tanks Germany or Japan tier 6 and up
6.   Secondary objective needs artillery(SPG) tier 6 and up from Germany 
11. Artillery(SPG) tier 6 german and up needed for secondary


2. British artillery(SPG) tier 7 with last gun and up, american arty tier 6 or higher
4. USA Light tank tier 6 or bigger


2. France artillery(SPG)

Union: U.S.S.R. and China

Bloc: Germany and Japan

Alliance: U.S.A., U.K., and Poland

Coalition: France, Sweden, Czechoslovakia, and Italy

Upon completion we will notify you via e-mail.

All missions are done with honors! If you do not need any mission with honor please ask for a discount on our 24/7 live chat!

Estimated delivery timeframe: Depends on how many missions do you need. Ask us for an ETA.

Please be advised, that during this service, we might use premium ammo and/or consumables in the battles to get the best results, therefore we might spend some of your credits. If we need to spend gold(for retraining, module change or by any reason) we will ALWAYS ask for your permission.