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Buy Frontline - 4x Tier 15 ( +12 Tokens )

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We will earn you Tier 15 in the Frontline event and get you minimum 1,000,000 credits with NON-premium tanks and at least 2.5 million credits on PREMIUM tanks aswell as high amount of XP and lots of consumables such as automatic fire extinguisher, first aid kits, repair kits and also directives! Check the rewards below:

Additionally to the Tier rewards, you will get 12 Tokens, to get one of the exclusive Tier 9 tanks:

-The Object 777 Variant II, a brand-new Soviet heavy tank

-The Char Futur 4, a unique new French medium tank

-The AE Phase I, an American heavy tank with four segmented tracks


- At least two Tier VIII tank (Preferrably premiums)

- At least one crew skill on your tank (Sixth sense is a must have)