Buy NEW Battle Pass 2022

Battle Pass, an exciting new spin on Random Battles!

There are tons of in-game rewards waiting for players who fight through the progression Stages, like a custom commander, up to two exclusive 3D styles, and lots more.

We offer you getting these rewards by completing the stages for you:

The event starts at March 15, 07:00 UTC and ends at June 15, 00:00 UTC

We offer 100% guarantee for getting the points and stages for you!

You can check the rewards by clicking here.

Basic requirements:

-Sufficiently many different tanks from tiers 6 to 10
-The choice of tanks is up to us, not yours. This is absolutely necessary in order to prevent the free bonus from being used to reach the point limits and to be able to play the appropriate vehicles depending on the situation.

Extra special rewards:

We offer  2500+ WN8 and 55% winrate along with the rewards!