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T95E2 refer tank

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We offer you to get Tier 8 T95E2 tank!

This tank is an award for inviting a new player to the game and if he get a Tier 10 tank, you will be awarded with the T95E2!
The process to get the tank is the following:

-After having a succesful order, will send you an e-mail adress, you will need to invite him to the game on the following link:

Invite (for EU)

Invite (for NA)

- After this we will grind out and buy a Tier 10 tank on the invited account.

- After buying the Tier 10 you will be awarded with the T95E2!
More info about recruitment:


To be a Recruiter, you must have a minimum of 100 battles fought, including at least one battle within the last 60 days.

Estimated delivery: within 30-35 days.

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