Buy Platooning (50 battles)

Package contains:


-coaching about what equipment to use on each tank

-crew skills to use on each tanks

-all these with argumentation by explaining some of the game mechanics

-tactics, movement, optimal spots before and during battles based on the map and your playing style (LT, MT, HT, TD)

-50 battles in platoon with one of our 4k+ Unicum boosters

-additionally, you can select private streaming option and our coaches will make a privcate stream to you, where you can either watch them play on your account (while they do 4k+ WN8 battles) while you learn from them, or stream on their account and you can be with them in battle with yours.

Requires special booking. (Pre-check of account if you are capable of this service).

Required confirmation from coach. (Recommended to ask us at live chat before purchasing).

Teamspeak 3 required.

Estimated timeframe: Breaks can be held but this service can't take longer than 3 days.