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Object 277 Special grind

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Object 277 is a heavy assault tank that combines mobility with protection. As a true successor to the T-10, Object 277 builds on its strong sides, having better aiming time, damage per minute and armour penetration values. With more hitpoints and a higher alpha damage, the is truly an improved version of the T-10.

The vehicle armour isn’t the strongest among Soviet heavy tanks, but its strong enough to deal with almost any enemy tank. Its hull armour will be 140mm thick, which will increase due to the 60-70º slipe on the glacis plate, 138-170mm at 45-55º at the lower front plate, 112mm at its sides and 50 mm on the rear. But what it excels is its turret with an impressive 290 / 224 / 80 mm of armour.

Just like the T-10, Object 277 will play as a heavy/medium hybrid,  well suited for countering the enemy at the frontline while tanking key positions. Due to its agility, the tank will enable players to play both aggressively, switch flanks and even change approach and switch a defensive play. Object 277 will keep its progenitor’s performance-impairing weaknesses too: mediocre gun depression with -5.5º, making it very difficult for productive terrain-based play.

Leave the grinding to our team and you will have the Object 277 in your garage without having to earn a single XP yourself.

With premium account the completion time is shorter. We buy your chosen tank and leave it on stock. If you want us to fully upgrade it also, then choose one of our Credits and XP pack for the exp amount needed and note us that you want a fully upgraded tank.

If you have a previous tank in the line, you can choose “I already have Tier #” when ordering and the price will be cheaper. You can choose standard grinding, which means that a lower skilled player will grind the tank for you, or you can choose Pro playing and we assign a Unicum player who will grind the line with 2500+ WN8 and 55%+ WR.


After completion, we will notify you via email. If you need to take over your account,
make sure to contact us before, instead of interrupting our player's sessions.

For more please read our FAQ first.

We will only research T10, you will need to buy it at the end of service.

Estimated standard grind delivery: 20-30 days (from Tier 1).
Estimated pro play delivery: within 7-10 days (from Tier 1).
Elite tier tank option means all modules will be fully researched, not the next tank in the tech tree.

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