Buy Improved Field Modifications 1.14

Field Modification is a set of tools for fine-tuning specific technical characteristics of your tanks, which will become available once they acquire Elite status!

Field Modification consists of three types of modifications that players can make to a vehicle's technical parameters or setup:

  • Standard. These are unlocked using Combat or Free XP when the Field Modification level is increased. Standard Modifications provide a small boost to one characteristic, depending on the vehicle combat role.
  • Dual. These are purchased using credits and allow your vehicle's characteristics to be redistributed so that it becomes more effective in one aspect at the cost of another.
  • Special. The first two of these are available for Tier VI and VII vehicles, and all three—for Tier VIII–X vehicles. The first Special Modification enables the Essentials Loadout, an alternative set of shells and consumables. The second Special Modification provides you with the Auxiliary Loadout, an alternative set of equipment and directives. The third Special Modification allows you to assign a category to a second equipment slot.

You can either choose standard grinding with lower winrate, or Unicum service, where you get 2500+ WN8 and 55%+ WR on your account during the power leveling. If you only choose one tank for the XP, than the service will be slower, so we recommend to choose at least two tanks, where the XP will be splitted. If you choose premium tanks, it will also shorten the service time.

 What we offer

  • Ordering this service, we will unlock your field modifications for your selected tanks.
  • With the pro play option we will grant 2500+ WN8 and and 50%+ winrate and a fast completion time!
  • We never communicate ingame with your clan or your friends to grant maximum privacy.
  • You will also get 5% free XP with your order!

Basic requirements

  • An account for World of Tanks.
  • All tanks must be Elited, that means that all original modules of the tank that exist like all guns and all engines and radios, turrets and tracks MUST be researched BEFORE the boost, if you don't have all researches unlocked, we recommend, taking one of our Credits and XP boosts.
  • Account sharing for this service is required.

After completion, we will notify you via email. If you need to take over your account, 
make sure to contact us before, instead of interrupting our player's sessions.

For more please read our FAQ first.

Estimated standard grind delivery: please ask.
Estimated pro play delivery: please ask.