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The spookiest holiday of the year is fast-approaching, and the second phase of a special military operation, codenamed Hope, begins in Mirny. It will run for two weeks, from October 28 through November 11, and features new special vehicles, dangerous AI-controlled enemies, and cool rewards for brave and dedicated commanders. But, most importantly, this Halloween, you’ll have a chance to decrypt a mysterious story and fight the monstrous Immortal, the most powerful and creepy armored creature of Mirny. 

Event Summary:

  • Battles take place in Mirny, a recently abandoned town where a major emergency has occurred.
  • Before the battle starts, you can choose from three difficulty levels: low, medium, or high. At the beginning of your combat journey, you can only play at a low difficulty level.
  • Fight as a team or Platoon of up to five players (Recon Squad) in six specially adapted vehicles. Three of them are available instantly, and you can unlock the remaining ones after completing certain progression stages or using gold.
  • Mix team and personal consumables to power up your vehicle. Consider the gameplay of a specific tank and your tactics in battle more effectively, and increase your chances of survival.
  • Fight AI opponents to collect a strange substance known as Mirium to encounter the Immortal and defeat it. Deliver Mirium to a special Collector called Magnus, shown on your minimap, before time runs out.
  • Once Magnus is filled with Mirium, you will be teleported to a new Phase.
  • There are three sequential Phases of one battle at low difficulty and four at medium and high difficulty.
  • Fight a variety of AI-driven armored enemies, each with their own unique behaviors, roles, and attacks.
  • The most powerful opponent is known as the Immortal, and this time, you'll have the opportunity to fight it in the fourth Phase when playing at medium and high difficulty levels! Your main task is to destroy the Immortal.
  • At the beginning of each Phase, you will receive Anomalies that provide bonuses to vehicles.
  • After completing certain Phases at different difficulty levels, you’ll be able to find out how the Immortal has become vulnerable. Each part of this story is recorded on one of eight Reels. They need to be decrypted one by one, using Decryption Keys you will earn when playing in the mode.
  • The main reward for decrypting all eight Reels and recreating the whole story is the VIIKing Tiger (Captured)  with a unique Mirny-inspired 3D style, Nox Tenebris.

Event Rewards:

  • All Primary missions for the event
  • 3,300,000 Credits
  • 4 Crew Member
  • Decals
  • Personal Reserves
  • 3 Days Premium
  • Manuals
  • Premium VIIKing Tiger (Captured) + 3D style

 What we offer:

  • By ordering this service, we will get you the King Tiger (Captured), Tier VII Heavy Tank, along with a unique Mirny-inspired 3D style, Nox Tenebris.
  • You will get all the rewards between the decryption reels! (read more here)
  • We never communicate ingame with your clan or your friends to grant maximum privacy.

Basic requirements

  • An account for World of Tanks.
  • Account sharing for this service is required.


After completion, we will notify you via email. If you need to take over your account, 
make sure to contact us before, instead of interrupting our player's sessions.

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