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Caernarvon Action X - British Challenge Missions (Guaranteed exclusive premium tank)
We offer to get you to stage 10 and get you the special premium vehicle, the Caernarvon Action X British Tier VIII Premium tank!

The missions will start on September 14th and end on September 28th, across EU, NA servers.

Important information: XP boosters won't count in the missions, base XP need to be farmed.

Also, please read the requirements at the bottom of the page.
As an extra, you will receive  a lot of additional rewards! (Check the picture below).


- At least one Tier VI+ tank (preferrably a Tier X also)

- At least two crew skill on your tank (Sixth sense is a must have)

- 5 Million credits

We also offer you 2500+ WN8 during our session!

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