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Operation Gambit: Sixth Clan Campaign - Special tank boosting (Limited)

We offer you getting the grand prize for the Sixth Campaign:

The Fifth Campaign starts on 24 November at 9:15 CET (UTC+1) and all battles
within the event will be played in the absolute format, 15x15 in Tier X vehicles.

We need to play almost every day for an entire month.

We offer 100\% guarantee for getting the Grand Prize!

Players (who are interested in the vehicles) will be able to receive the desired vehicle for their collection, while other players will be able to spend the earned bonds otherwise.

You will be able to select one of the following tanks:

           Basic requirements:

  1. At least one of the Tier X MEDIUM tanks: Bat.-Châtillon 25 t*, T-62A, Obj. 907*, Obj. 140*. (tanks marked with * are highly recommended)

  2. At least one of the Tier X HEAVY tanks: Type 5 Heavy, E 100, Maus, WZ-111 5A*, AMX 50 B, 113*, T110E5, IS-7*, IS-4, Obj. 260, Kranvagn. (tanks marked with * are highly recommended)

  3. At least two skill crew on the tanks mentioned above. (Must have skills on tanks: Sixth sense and repair)

  4. Premium account for the service time.

  5. At least 5 million credits on your account because we need to use premium ammo and consumables, to get the best results during the battles!

  6. Your account need to be quitted from any clan and 48 hours need to be passed after quitting from the clan (6+ days recommended).
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