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Our premium unicum coaches will play battles in a platoon with you. Great for every skill level. Safe delivery, satisfaction guaranteed. 24/7 customer support and warranty. Premium WoT services from Overtank.

What we offer

  • Coaching about what equipment to use on each tank
  • Crew skills to use on each tanks
  • All these with argumentation by explaining some of the game mechanics
  • Tactics, movement, optimal spots before and during battles, based on the map and your playing style (LT, MT, HT, TD)
  • 10 or 50 battles in platoon with one of our 4k Unicum boosters
  • Additionally, you can select private streaming option and our coaches will make a private stream to you, where you can either watch them play on your account (while they do 4k WN8 battles) while you learn from them, or stream on their account and you can be with them in battle with yours.

Basic requirements

  • Required confirmation from coach. (Recommended to ask us at live chat before purchasing)
  • Teamspeak or Discord

Estimated delivery: 10 battle should be played in one day. Breaks can be held.