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Buy ANY Tier 6 tank

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By ordering this pack, we grind you any Tier 6 tank in any nation you like. If you want to get a good starting account or just want to try a Tier 6 without headache by playing the previous tiers, then it will be a good choice. If you have a premium account, then your service will be way faster!

We only buy your chosen tank and leave it with stock modules, if you want us to fully upgrade fully, then choose one of our Credits and XP pack for the exp amount needed, and note us that you want a fully upgraded tank.

Most popular tanks in this tier:

Cromwell, M18 Hellcat, Skoda T25, T-34-85, O-I

This is currently the easiest and fastest boosting you can experience without spending your expensive time on the long grind.

Estimated delivery: 3-5 days (from Tier 1).
Estimated delivery: within 48 hours (from Tier 1).
Elite tier tank option means all modules will be fully researched, not the next tank in the tech tree.