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Ace Tanker

Buy Ace Tanker medal for yourself in World of Tanks. Boosting will be played by professional players. Safe delivery, satisfaction guaranteed. 24/7 customer support and warranty. Premium WoT services from Overtank.

Achieving the "Ace Tanker" status is a mark of exceptional skill and expertise. The Ace Tanker award is a prestigious distinction bestowed upon the most accomplished tank commanders, highlighting their remarkable performance in a specific vehicle.

To earn the Ace Tanker medal, a player must outshine all others who have wielded that particular tank on the battlefield. It requires an unparalleled level of mastery, showcasing not only mechanical proficiency but also tactical brilliance. Ace Tankers must demonstrate an exceptional understanding of their chosen tank's strengths and weaknesses, exploiting every advantage to its fullest potential.

What we offer

  • We will get an Ace Tanker medal for your selected tank.
  • You will also receive experience, rewards, badges (e.g: gun mark, top gun, etc.) during the battles. 
  • We never communicate ingame with your clan or your friends to grant maximum privacy.

Basic requirements

  • An account for World of Tanks.
  • Account sharing for this service is required.

Estimated delivery: within 24 hours.

After completion, we will notify you via email. If you need to take over your account, make sure to contact us before, instead of interrupting our player's sessions. For more please read our FAQ first.

Special group 1

Tier Tank Name
3 Pz.Kpfw S35 739 (f)
3 FCM 36 Pak 40
4 Pz.Kpfw B2 740
6 Type 64
7 AMX 13 57
7 Skoda T 45
7 Type 62
7 Chi-to SP
7 E 25
7 King Tiger C
8 Miel
8 Bat.-Châtillon Bourrasque
8 Mittlerer Kpz. PR. 68 (P)
8 Obsidian
8 BZ-176
8 Skoda T56
8 Jagdtiger Proto
8 Renegade
8 Type 63
9 Concept 1B
9 Alembic
9 Tiger-Maus
9 Kampfpanzer 50t
9 GSOR 1006/7
9 Char Mle. 75
10 Kampfpanzer 07 (P)E
10 Concept 5
10 EBR 105
10 Object 452K

Special group 2

Tier Tank Name
3 Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf.J
4 A-32
5 Churchil III
5 Pz.Kpfw. V/IV
5 Pz. V/IV
10 T95/FV4201 Chieftain
10 VK 72.01K
10 T95E6
10 Carro da Combatimento 45t
10 Ob.260
10 Ob.907
10 Ob.279(e)
10 Hurricane
2-10 All Artillery (SPG)

Important Info

During this service, we might use premium ammo and/or consumables in the battles to get the best results, therefore we might spend some of your credits. If we need to spend gold(for retraining, module change or by any reason) we will ALWAYS ask for your permission.

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