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10000+ Damage in one battle

We will get 10000+ damage in one battle. High WN8, lots of medals. Exclusive service from Overtank!

Doing 10k damage in one battle is quite challenging an requires total focus and the highest level of skills, our boosters utilize map awareness, positioning, and patience to maximize shots by not wasting time in reloads or misses!

Due to the lots of requests, we've made the service to get this milestone for your account! Remember, achieving 10,000+ damage in a single battle requires a combination of high skill, luck, and favorable circumstances, so it might take us several battles to get it!


  • We will make at least 10,000 Damage in one battle for you
  • During the battles, you can expect very high WN8 (5000+)
  • You will get lots of medals (Ace tanker, Top gun, etc.) during the games
  • Full replay of the high damage battles, which you can learn a lot from

Mandatory requirements

  • You must have at least one of these tanks:
    • Udes 15/16
    • Centurion AX
    • T110E5
    • Super Conqueror
    • Badger
    • 60TP
    • Object 260
    • VK 72.01K
    • Ho-Ri 3
  • At least 5 skill crew in the tank
  • Full field mods
  • Full bounty setup

Estimated delivery: 2 days